Water Falls

Think of nature's bliss and bounty, think of Kerala. Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful gifts that nature has given us. And in Kerala this beauty is in abundance.

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Some of the most popular waterfalls in Kerala include Palaruvi, Athirapally, Chethalayam, Dhoni, Kalakkayam, Kanthanpara, Adyanpara, Meenmutty etc.


Palaruvi, which literally translates to 'stream of milk', is one of the region's most spectacular waterfalls. Falling down from a height of around 300 feet it is a sight that needs to be seen to be believed. Palaruvi falls are the favorite picnic spot for people of the region and even tourists. The journey to the falls itself is a magical experience. Dense forests welcome you and walking through them you reach the beautiful waterfall. Palaruvi is situated just 75 km from Kolla town.


Just 16 km from Nilambur is the heavenly Adyanpara waterfalls. Surrounded by lush green jungles these waterfalls are a hidden gem of Kerala which awaits you with open arms. It is a magnificent sight and a great experience to be at the beautiful Adyanpara waterfalls


Next on the list is Athirapally waterfalls. These pristine waterfalls just 78 km from Kochi are one of the most popular tourist attractions of the region. The waterfalls are located amidst the beautiful Sholayar range and are one of the most loved picnic spots.

Athirappally Falls is about 80 feet high and located in the forest area. The falls join the Chalakkudy River. The calming aura and the expansive greenery around the waterfalls are the added advantages.

So the next time you are in the region, ask your Kerala tour planner about these falls and take back memories for a lifetime